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The problem with Ethical Gifts

Our time and attention are pulled in every direction in our ever busier world. Facebook reminds us of a zillion birthdays, weddings and celebrations every day. But few of us have the time to hunt down meaningful presents for our loved ones. We end up buying something last minute to cover our bases. Box ticked. But we don’t feel great about it…

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How Real Gifts can help you

At Real Gifts we aim to help you find presents you can feel good about giving to your loved ones. Whether they’re handmade, energy saving, community building, Fairtrade or just plain inspiring we’ll point you to where you can buy them. We put the time in hunting down thoughtful, well crafted presents and ethical gifts so you don’t have to.

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Using our Gift Ideas Section

In our gift ideas section you can sort ethical gifts by category from Aardvarks to Zebras (we’re working on the Aardvarks!). You can also visit our charity gifts section and discover all kinds of ways you can make a real difference in the world with your next gift experience. You’ll be amazed at how many inspiring gift opportunities are out there.

Pure Planet Review 2021

Bulb Energy Review 2021

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity Shop

Fashion Conscience

Green & Black’s Chocolate

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Charity Gifts Explained

So you love the idea of buying a goat for a farmer in a developing country – but what does your brother, friend or partner get out of it? A charity gift usually comes with some kind of card or gift pack you can give to the recipient that not only describes how the gift is making a difference in the world but often include methods of how they can get involved further themselves. A gift that truly keeps on giving!

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Innovation & Sustainability

We see our job as curators of ethical gifts. That means we’re continually on the lookout for inspiring, talented, innovative creators to connect with. If we admire what they’re doing in the world we think you might too. If someone somewhere creates something to help make our lives more sustainable then we want to find out all about it and connect them with you. Innovative creators apply here!

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Why we love Fairtrade Gifts

You can now buy Fairtrade gifts for just about any occasion. When we think of Fairtrade what springs to mind are supermarket staples like coffee or bananas. But you can also get Fairtrade flowers, clothing, wine, beer, chocolates, honey and much more. When you buy Fairtrade you’re promoting better working conditions, local sustainability and fairer rights for workers across the world.

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