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Lots of fairtrade & organic chocolate gifts – you can even make your own chocolate hampers!

Buy Organic And Fairtrade Chocolate direct from Green & Black’s fun online shop where you can personalise your order…

What’s the taste?

Did you know that there are only three types of cocoa beans produced around the world? That’s right – just three. Out of those three the strong and bitter Forastero bean is the most common one, comprising around 90 per cent of the world’s production.

Tender Criollo is the rarest, covering only one per cent of the production. It’s a little gem with it’s fine sweet flavour. However, the third bean type – Trinitario – contains qualities of both of those two beans and that makes it popular amongst chocolatiers around the world. We all know chocoholics are a pretty choosy bunch, therefore every chocolate company works hard to keep them happy.

Green & Black’s Sources

Green & Black’s has done mighty good work with their clients. Their produce is made of Trinitario beans, making sure they get every last drop of goodness out of them with their careful production process. All beans are harvested by hand, fermented under banana leaves and dried in the warm Belize sunshine.

Their famous organic chocolate bars cater for every taste from bitter dark chocs to sweet milk bars, strawberry flavoured ones to zingy chilli chocolates, hot drink powders to easter eggs and ice creams. There are chocolates for every occasion – collections for gifts on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Easter, and even their very special collection for chocolate connoisseurs. Make them as luxury gifts, put together a hamper for a very special occasion – they even have a Wedding Favours service – or treat your business partners to an exclusive gift.

Why is it good?
When it comes to chocolates, it seems hard to believe that there could be something even more important than a great taste and high quality. But there is: all this goodness is purely organic and Fair Trade! Only organic ingredients are used and great care is taken that farmers receive a fair price for their crops. Green & Black’s takes good care of their community of farmers and makes a lot of investments in the cocoa growing community. The company also has sustainability in mind as they help planting new cocoa treens and train farmers in better growing methods.

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