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Ethical Trading & Fairtrade Shopping

~ A hand picked selection of the best sites for ethical shopping ~

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Find Fairtrade Shops

The Fairtrade Foundation was established in 1992 and has been championing ethical trading practises from the beginning.

It’s not always easy to find online shops selling Fairtrade products where you can have the peace of mind that the producer of what you’ve bought will be paid a fair price for their product.

That workers are being treated fairly and that protecting the environment is not some lofty ideal but a fundamental consideration of the production process.

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Shopping With A Conscience

Our ethical trading section makes it easier for you to find not only Fair Trade shops but retailers who’ve built their businesses around ethical values and practices.

From selling organic food, drinks and clothing to sourcing sustainable products, environmentally friendly items and creatively recycled or second hand goods.

Shopping at ethical traders gives a vote of support for their values and principles and helps shape the kind of society we live in for the better.

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Ethical Traders In The UK

We’ve been both inspired and encouraged at the vibrancy and innovation shown within the ethical trading marketplace in the UK.

There are fantastic ethical shops selling beautiful jewellery, sustainable fashion retailers using recycled materials and not forgetting luxury chocolate products from Fair Trade providers.

We hope you find our ethical trading shopping directory useful and find some really well made, responsibly sourced products while making the world a better place while you’re at it.