Yew Clothing

Yew Clothing

Yew Clothing

Give the gift of puppy love for as little as £1 a week that can make a massive difference.

Sports clothing and active wear that is made with sustainability, eco-friendliness and ethical production at its forefront…

Why shop at Yew Clothing?

Even though the environment is highly important to Yew, they don’t compromise on the quality and design of their products. They know their customers expect clothing and accessories that can endure some high performance activities, so all of their products stand to be tested in action.

Yew takes great pride in choosing their fabrics carefully. They spend a lot of time looking for only the best materials that would be both comfortable for the users as well as safe for the environment. All of their active wear is prepared from recycled polyester, which has outperformed other green fabrics in their tests and experiments.

Their polyester is recycled and produced in Taiwan and it is manufactured out of fully post-consumer waste. Yes, that means the jackets and pans you now use for jogging could have been plastic coke bottles or tomato soup cans in their “previous life”.

What can you buy?

Yew Clothing boasts a wide variety of sports, outdoors and active wear clothing as well as different accessories. All of their products are eco-friendly and sustainable and there’s free delivery on all orders over £70.

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