Orchira Pearl Jewellery

Orchira Pearl Jewellery

Orchira Pearl Jewellery

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Orchira Pearl Jewellery is an Edinburgh based company creating contemporary jewellery with an eco-conscious heart…

When we think about jewellery, Fair Trade isn’t perhaps always the first thing that comes to mind. However, most of us have heard of Blood Diamonds. It’s not just diamonds and gold that have problems with unethical sourcing – it also affects pearls.

What is Orchira?

Orchira is a local UK pearl jewellery brand situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a growing international luxury brand well known for its beautiful pearl jewellery designs which are sold in jewellery shops across the UK and Europe, as well as through TV shows, online stores and mail order catalogues.

Orchira takes great pride in their authentic cultured pearl jewellery, which is not only exceptional in both quality and looks but is also ethically cultivated.

Orchira Pearl Jewellery Offer

What does Orchira sell?

Orchira has a wide selection of handmade jewellery with cultured pearls and natural gemstones. Different colours, designs and styles give a great variety of products from bridal jewellery to high end couture styles, from classical and timeless pieces to chic and contemporary jewellery. They even have their very special line for children pearl jewellery – perfect for christening gifts.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well as pendants and rings are all widely stocked in Orchira. Jewellery here is tasteful, elegant, stylish, yet so simple and timeless – and affordable.

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