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Women for Women – what you can do for women in war-torn countries

We’ve all heard the heartbreaking stories of refugees fleeing their war-torn countries across the stormy Mediterranean sea in order to get to peace and safety. The conflict in Syria alone has driven more than four million people from their country – making it the largest refugee crisis for the past 25 years.

However, you don’t just need to stand by and watch in horror as the situation unravels and the EU states debate over how many refugees their countries can accept and help. You can do something right now, yourself.

Women for Women International is a UK charity helping women in war-affected countries to learn new skills, find work, save money and improve their health. In past 22 years Women for Women International has helped over 400 000 women and right now they work in eight different countries where they help women to turn their lives around and make a brighter future for themselves.

What do they do? They try to provide women a safe place to learn new skills – be it business, vocational or life skills – and support them with monthly stipends.

Helping Women in Syria & Beyond

One of their newest programmes helps Syrian women refugees – war widows who solely carry the responsibility for their families now. They are working with women living in Kurdistan region refugee camp, providing them a safe place in special tents so that women can find privacy and get psychological support. Only after that they are enrolled in classes where they are taught business skills and new vocations. These women desperately need a chance to start over and to take care of their families far away from home.

But that’s just one of the programme Women for Women deals with. They are also actively working with women in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kosovo. Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan. Women in those cars ravaged by wars and conflicts are often marginalaised to extreme – they can’t even fathom the idea that they could achieve something on their own.

However, with the help and support of charities like Women for Women, they soon find inspiration and strength to transform their lives and make something out of themselves. Not only are they able to earn money and make a living but they can influence decisions, network and gain a position in the society. With sheer strength and determination they are able to move forward and leave the extreme poverty and violence behind them.


Get Involved

You can help these women – be it by one-off or monthly donation or sponsoring. If you sponsor a woman, your monthly donation of only £22 can make a drastic change in someone’s life as she is able to join a year-long programme learning job skills, getting some business training, acquiring knowledge of her rights, nutrition and health. She will also be part of a support network of like-minded women – and you can send her messages of encouragement and hope.

Of course, you can always also raise money through an event or personal challenge and buy products from the Women for Women online store and contribute towards the cause. If, however, you feel like you want to be involved even more actively, you can join the Leadership Circle and contribute your money, time, knowledge and energy.

Watching the news it might seem like there are no more good news to be heard from that part of the world where war tores families apart. But that isn’t so – there is actually a way to change that if we want to. Read more at Women For Women and lend your hand to this worthy cause.