A gift that’s a living reminder that you care about your loved one as well as the environment.

What could be a more sustainable gift than a living tree? Tree2MyDoor is an excellent site for buying something different…

Why choose Tree2mydoor?

Flowers are lovely but don’t you feel a little bad when you have to throw the bouquet out once the flowers have all withered? It can only bring you joy for a few days before it ends up in a bin or compost pile and that’s… well, sad.

Tree2MyDoor - Lemon Tree
But Tree2mydoor is run with nature’s best interests at heart, fully ethically and sustainably.

Not only can you help environment by making tree-gifts, but the company too regularly raises money for charities and supports ongoing conservation work.

Tree2mydoor work with well-known charities like Fauna & Flora International, Trees for Cities, Trees for Life, Conservation Volunteers and the White Rose Forest – all of which are dedicated to planting more trees and protect the environment from deforestation. This would be a truly meaningful and special present.

If you like you can dedicate a tree to someone special and get a gift pack for supporting tree planting conservation projects.

If a tree is not quite your thing, you could go for a rose plant instead. You’ll get your very own rose bush – be it a patio rose, climbing rose, fragrant rose or some other kind of rose bush. Of course, you can also order all kinds of tree care products and the company has also promised to give you free advice and help with your tree for the whole lifetime.

All the tree gifts come packed individually in an eco-friendly jute bag or gift wrapped with personalised greetings card for whichever occasion – from anniversaries to birthdays, weddings to memorials, not to speak of Mother’s or Father’s Day.

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