Bala Fairtrade Footballs

Bala Fairtrade Footballs

Bala Fairtrade Footballs

Beautifully made footballs for the beautiful game in three sizes and styles.

Bala Fairtrade Footballs are a breath of fresh air to the football world and we’d love to see them become the industry standard…

All of Bala footballs are fair trade certified – but my no means of inferior quality. They are made in the same factories and workshops as some of the most well-known global sports brands and also according to the same standards as FIFA use.

But because they have been produced under fair trade rules, the workers benefit also from the extra ten percent Fairtrade Premium, which they can spend on chosen social development and educational schemes.

All of Bala footballs are high quality performance balls made by hand from the best quality materials. There are three categories – the Bala Pro, the Bala Team and the Bala Play – of balls, all of them of highest standards and qualities.

Buy Pro Footballs That Make A Difference

Investing in fair trade footballs means a big difference for those 40 000 workers in Pakistan as it enables the factories to pay them a fair wage and improve their working conditions. Fair trade mark is well recognised in the food and clothing industry but not yet so much in the world of football.

Buying fair trade Bala footballs is one thing you can do for help – the other way is to help bringing fair trade footballs into mainstream sports by becoming a shareholder in the co-operative. Share investment can be from as little as £50!