Off Grid Solar Lighting System

Off Grid Solar Lighting System

Off Grid Solar Lighting System

The perfect solution for lighting garden sheds without access to a power supply.

The Off Grid Solar Lighting System brings lights, FM & MP3s to places with no mains electricity from sheds to stables…

Off Grid Solar Lighting System

The world’s electricity supply is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. There’s no secret that it is not a sustainable way for generating power, nor is it environmentally friendly, flexible or cheap.

Besides, there are places without mains electricity where solar power comes to our rescue. This off-grid solar powered lighting control unit works perfectly in places like that and will provide enough energy to power up to four LED lights and also charge your mobile phone.

Why is it good?

Fossil fuel supplies are running out as there are rising concerns over rising prices, security concerns and environmental issues. Alternative energy sources are addressing these concerns every day – as they are increasingly more clean, safe, affordable and reliable than dependence on fossil fuels.

Off Grid Solar Lighting System

Off Grid Solar Lighting System (Detail)

The in-built FM Radio and MP3 Player is a welcome addition to the solar lighting kit.

Sunlight is a accessible – and free – resource for all to use. Although the amount and timing of sunlight varies, even here in rainy Britain we can count on solar energy as a viable alternative energy source, providing long-term and affordable electricity supply.

Its impact on the environment is considered to be significantly safer than any other form of traditional energy sources. It will not have an effect on global climate – there are no carbon emissions – and the sun’s energy is limitless!

Off-grid locations are far from power lines – and when you’re travelling there’s really no other viable option for you to generate electricity at all. So systems like that are especially appropriate for remote and environmentally sensitive areas such as bothies, cabins, summer houses, allotment plots, national parks…