hedgehog barn

hedgehog barn

Hedgehog Barn

Give a helping hand to the ever dwindling British hedgehog population with this safe home.

Hedgehogs need our help so Wildlife World constructed the Hedgehog Barn to give them a safe home in our gardens…

Did you know that in just over a ten years time there will be no more hedgehogs left in Britain?

Those lovely prickly little fellows – voted Britain’s favourite creature in 2013 – are an endangered species here in the UK and it won’t be long before they’re all gone.

Apparently one fifth of their population is dying out every four years and by 2025 they will be extinct.

Unless we can stop it and help the hedgehogs maintain a peaceful and habitable environment.

The main reason why they are disappearing so fast is urbanisation – they can’t survive in big cities, they’re killed by cars and they have very conservative habits. They need a safe place to live, a warm nest where they can hibernate and they could do with a helping hand when times are dire.


Hedgehog Barn

Made from solid FSC timber that’s slow seasoned so won’t need any extra varnish or protection.

What is the Hedgehog House?

There is something that you could do to help Mrs Tiggywinkle and its relatives.

If you have a garden and have seen hedgehogs pottering about, it would be a good idea to set up a little house for them where they could have a safe place for hibernation, nesting and sheltering.

The Original Hedgehog House by Wildlife World is an eco-friendly little building made of FSC-certified timber.

The durable oak house has a double layered roof, so it keeps the rain and snow out and also offers some insulation.

The house has a little entrance tunnel which ensures that foxes, cats and dogs can’t get their paws on hedgehogs, so they can feel completely safe inside.

However, there is a little hinged back-door so you can give the place a spring cleaning or get an easy access to the house if you reckon a hedgehog needs your help.

hedgehog barn

Hedgehog House

Here’s a hedgehog fact – they have around 500 spines with each spine one lasting about a year.

How to use the Hedgehog House

It will, of course, be the hedgehog who’s going to use it and they would scarcely need our advice about what they should be doing in their own house but there is some word of advice available for the humans who will be setting the house up.

First of all, locate the house out of the prevailing wind and pile some branches and leaves around it to make it look like a more natural habitat for the hedgehog.

You can place some dried cut grass in it that the animals can use as nesting material. You can clean the house annually while it’s unoccupied.

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