Climbing Tomato Patio Planter

Even if you don’t have a garden the tomato planter allows you to grow your own.

You say tomato – we say climbing tomato patio planter…

Anyone who has tasted natural organic home grown tomatoes never wants to go back to the plastic tasteless supermarket tomatoes ever again.

However – not everyone has the luxury of a garden, allotment plot and/or a greenhouse and alas, that’s a must if you want to grow your tomatoes.

They’re not windowsill herbs after all.

Or so you thought.

Turns out that tomatoes can be grown with great success even if you don’t have a garden of your own or space enough for a greenhouse.

It’s enough if you have a patio, courtyard, terrace, roof garden or even just a sunny balcony!


Climbing Tomato Patio Planter

There’s nothing quite like checking on the progress of your homegrown tomatoes.

First of all – home-grown tomatoes are just delicious and so much better than the veg you can get from the grocery department of your supermarket.

They are also probably better than those that you can buy from an eco-store or market stall – YOU grew them yourself after all – but they are certainly much cheaper.

If you want to slash your food shopping costs, there is no better way than growing your own food. All good cooks know that and do that!

Also, it reduces your environmental impact.

You can grow your food organically, without any harmful pesticides – not only is this much better for you but also for the planet.

Every little helps: if more of us grew their own food the supermarkets wouldn’t need to transport that much fruit and veg with refrigerated trucks and airplanes. That in turn would help to reduce the fuel consumption and resulting pollution.

It’s also great for your health and well-being.

If the tomatoes are spending time outside in the sun, so will you – even if it is to check up on them, water and feed them.

Plus it will make you a happier person. Because how can you be unhappy when you can watch tomatoes developing a blush and turning red and knowing that you have helped to make it happen?

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