solar car battery charger

solar car battery charger

Solar Car Battery Charger

Wonderfully practical and green solution to car batteries going dead from lack of use.

The Solar Car Battery Charger is an ingenious environmentally friendly power back up for cars, motorhomes and boats…

Why is it good?

The main reason why car batteries stop working is sulphation – it’s a process that occurs in batteries when their energy levels drop too low, which can happen easily when vehicles are not frequently used and/or take a lot of short trips. All this happens naturally – even if you’re doing everything right.

This battery drain might be small but it is constant. Why? Because our cars are equipped with so many different gadgets and widgets from alarm systems to clocks and lights. All these work to drain the battery even more when the car is not in use.

Solar energy is clean, free and sustainable. On the days when you’re doing your bit for the world by leaving the car at home, you can also do a service to the environment by prolonging your battery life in a natural way.


The charger is easy to install, requires no extra maintenance, is a doddle to use, looks discreet and will protect your car battery against the discharge process that occurs naturally in most cars.