Oak Tree Gift

Oak Tree Gift

Oak Tree Gift

Can you think of a more sustainable, eco friendly gift than giving someone an oak tree?

A present that will truly last a lifetime – an oak tree gift will keep on giving to people and nature for generations to come…

Why plant an oak tree?

Oak trees are special. They will literally grow hundreds of years, so you can really leave your mark – it will stay behind long after you’re gone and will serve as a true legacy.

But that’s not the only reason. Many species of oaks are also under threat in the wild, some are even facing extinction. Large oak forest areas in Mexico, Central America and Chile have already disappeared, giving way to coffee plantations and cattle ranches. Also in the USA, entire oak ecosystems are in danger.

Of course, we’re not saying that planting an oak tree will help to rescue the world oak population from extinction – unfortunately it doesn’t work like that – but every living tree will surely be a step on the right path.

Oak Tree Gift

What will you get?

You’ll get a sapling of a Quercus robur variety – or more commonly the English Oak, which is a hardwood and deciduous version of an oak tree. That means it’s not evergreen – in autumn it will drop its leaves.

The sapling will be approximately 20-50 cm tall, but it can grow to a really massive 115ft giant. Because of its large branches it will have a really imposing crown. It will be a true pride and joy for years – in fact for generations to come.