World Vision Child Sponsorship Website

From as little as 75p a day a you can sponsor a child, helping them and their community.

It’s amazing just how far such a small amount can go to help provide the most basic care and opportunities to children who need it…

How to help?

Just 75p a day can change a lot of lives, improving a lot of lives and changing the community where vulnerable children live.

Most of the projects that World Vision is involved in are community based – that is the money you donate to the sponsored child does not go directly to him or her and his/her family.

Instead it helps the whole community in a lot of different ways, including child protection, food security and clean water, healthcare, education and care for HIV and aids.

In a lot of those cases you donation can go a long way in providing children with nutritious food, education, better quality of life and a safe place.

If you choose to donate through sponsorship, you’ll receive regular and thorough information from World Vision.

You’ll find out more about both the sponsored child and the community he or she lives in.

You will be sent photos and you can send letters or cards to the sponsored child, staying in touch with them and letting them know they have a friend.

World Vision will send you annual progress reports about your child and the community, so you can always stay in touch with the progress that has been made.


World Vision Child Sponsorship

Your sponsorship can help provide vulnerable children with a stable environment to flourish in.

Why help with child sponsorship?

World Vision child sponsorship gives you an excellent opportunity to help a whole community and a whole lot of children growing up in that community, while staying in touch and following the development of one special child from the community.

This approach is both personal and communal giving you emotional gratification from both the personal touch and the fact that you’re doing a lot of good for the whole community.

There are millions of children in dire need of help. Your sponsorship can go a very long way there plus you’re bound to have made a little friend for life. The good that you have done to help them will not be easily forgotten.