Jaguar by Eric Kilby

Jaguar by Eric Kilby

Adopt A Jaguar at WWF

Adopt for as little as £3 a month. Photo credit Eric Kilby at Flickr.

Through WWF you can adopt a jaguar from as little as £3 a month to help them survive in the rainforests and hopefully thrive…

Why adopt a jaguar?

Because the rainforest and the jaguar need you.

You might think that the jungle out there is endless so that the jaguar will always find a secluded spot where to hang out and do its jaguar deeds… unfortunately it is not quite the case.

Already 20 per cent of the Amazon rainforest is gone.

This is such a considerable amount that it is even visible to the naked eye from outer space!

And if you can see it from the space, imagine how a jaguar must be feeling walking about in its own home just to discover that the tree where he slept yesterday has today been taken down.

Adopt A Jaguar

Jaguar in the Pantanal

The hypnotic gaze of the Jaguar in the rainforest. Photo credit Bart Van Dorp at Flickr.

The jaguar has lost 37 per cent of its historic range already and we are not sure how much more it can take.

Due to all this the number of wild jaguars is declining fast. Right now jaguar is considered to be near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Deforestation is just one problem, but they also suffer from poaching, natural disasters, lack of food and the behaviour of ranchers.

What will you get?

If you choose to donate – either monthly or one off donation or even a gift option – you’ll get a special My Jaguar magazine three times a year, together with the copy of Wild World.

Needless to say, you’ll get your very own jaguar fact book, a certificate, a greeting card and a stand-up print withyour jaguar’s photo printed on it. If you want, you can even get a cuddly toy!


WWF Makes it easy to adopt a Jaguar

You can select how much you want to donate each month and choose which Jaguar gifts you’d like.

But most of all you’ll get the fantastic feeling of having done something great. You get the feeling of helping to save the world one jaguar, one rainforest tree at a time. There really is no better feeling than that.