Sunshine Solar Charger

Style and substance combine to create a charmingly efficient USB device charger.

The Sunshine Solar Charger not only looks great on your desk it’s clever enough to convert solar energy to charge your phone…

Solar batteries have been around for ages.

Googling it you’ll soon find that they were developed in 1954 and were already hugely popular by the 1960s.

Those of us old enough will remember the pocket calculators used in schools in the 1980s – they had solar cells and everybody had them.

How curious then that until now solar-powered gadgets that effectively help you to save energy are still such a novelty!

Maybe this Solar Charger – aptly called Sunshine – will turn things around?

It’s still brand new but it has potential to become a true pioneer.


Sunshine Solar Charger

The 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery has enough power to charge your phone or tablet

What is it?

The Sunshine Solar Charger is basically a rechargeable lithium battery inside what looks like a vase with futuristic-looking flowers.

All you have to do is place the vase on a desk or a windowsill and the battery inside will capture and store enough energy from sun to charge a smartphone or a tablet. There are five solar panels inside the “flowers” but if you didn’t know it you’d never guess – it really looks more like a piece of modern art.

The battery is a 2600mAh lithium battery and if you connect your device to the vase the battery will send all the sun-energy it has gathered straight to your phone.

Not only does it mean it helps to save our environment but it also takes advantage of solar power which we sadly don’t use nearly as much as we should or could.


Sunshine Solar Charger

PolyOne, Xindao and XD Design all collaborated to reduce the CO2 footprint of the charger.

How to use it?
Put it on the window sill. Leave it to charge. Plug in your device. Leave to recharge. Easy-peasy.

There is also the option of charging it from your laptop if it’s really really dark.

But even Britain has enough sun for keeping the charger going – maybe not as efficiently as some nuclear device but certainly with a smaller footprint on our ecology as well as your conscience.

Sunshine Solar Charger Review

You’ll only understand this if you speak German! Still worth watching to see how it scales up in real life.