solar garden lights

Solar Garden Lights

The long lasting solar garden lights by GardenBliss.

GardenBliss Solar Garden Lights don’t skimp on style or power with a pathway light that lasts and lasts…

Most people who don’t have a garden are jealous of those who do.

It makes sense too – gardens are wonderful. But by no means do they keep themselves nice and orderly.

In order for your garden to bring you a lot of joy, you’re required to put in a lot of hard work and invest your time, your money and your energy. That’s why every green fingered person loves a gadget that makes their life just a little bit easier without hitting hard on their bank statement or the environment.

One of those gadgets is the Roma solar powered garden light – a true gem in itself, to lights up any garden.

 Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights

Ideal for lighting a path without causing lots of light pollution.

What is it?

The Roma garden light is the brightest solar powered light there is.

You can stand as far as seven meters from it and still be basked in the light that this tiny lamp gives out. Perfect for solid surfaces as well as soil and grass you can use it anywhere in your garden, patio, deck or driveway – anywhere where you’d need a good light.

A lot of the solar-powered lamps tend to be pretty meagre when it comes to actually lighting your path properly. The Roma solar garden light is in a different league altogether.

It’s got a powerful bright light thanks to the big solar battery attached to it. The fact that the solar panel is so large makes it easier for the lamp to capture and store energy and give out such powerful light too. You can either screw it down onto a solid surface or push it into the soft ground – either way it stands firm.

Solar garden light specs

Solar Garden Lights

Specifications and materials.

How to use it?

As solar powered lamps get their energy from sunlight they work the best when there’s plenty of sunlight.

Try not to place them in the shade. Once it starts getting dark, the dusk sensor switches the lights on.

They will then stay on for a while until a timer switches them off. Nothing for you to worry about – although you can turn them on and off from a switch if you wish to do so.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights

Set of 8 lights.