Bumble Bee Nester

A happy home for bees means a happy home for so much of Britain’s wildlife and fauna.

Wildlife World’s ceramic bumble bee nester is a well designed and important contribution to UK gardens…

I’m sure we’ve all heard it that without the bees our world would quickly collapse.

It’s not just talk though – it’s much more than that. As bees are responsible for pollinating around 80% of all flowering crops, which means they effectively take care of around 1/3 of everything we eat.

Without them we would soon find ourselves not only without some very nutritious fruit and vegetables but also soon enough without beef and dairy as they also help to create the food for the cows. Not to speak of the birds!

Bumbles are just like other bees – busy and tireless in pollinating! It’s important to take care of them and protect them. Create an inviting and loving environment for them in your own garden and they will bring you a lot of joy.


Doing your bit to help

If every garden had a bumble bee nester our eco-system would be much healthier than it is.

What is it?

Place the bumble bee nester in your garden – preferably next to vegetables, fruits or flowers – and not only will you enjoy the company of bees but you’re also likely to get bigger and better crops.

The nester is likely to attract the queen bee in early spring. Once she moves in, the rest will follow. Just attach the nester box onto a wall or a tree, sit back and wait for the bees to move in. By the way – the nester can also be used by small birds, so don’t be shocked if you find an entirely different sort of flying species has moved in to your nester box!

It’s a solid ceramic nester with a raised plug in the centre of the base, so that the floor stays dry. The bracket has been made out of FSC certified timber, it’s natural and long-lasting. Neither the bracket nor the ceramic nester itself need any extra maintenance, both are also durable in winter conditions.


Small Bird & Bee Nester Tree Support

A solid surround construction keeps the nester securely in place.

Why should you get one?

Because we all love bees and want to see them thrive.

They are responsible for putting food on our table so it’s only polite we return the favour.

Also, because we want to support the UK-based small company Wildlife World who so diligently take care of small wild creatures like bees, bats and hedgehogs in our gardens. Their efforts in trying to preserve the weird and wonderful nature around us even in the today’s time of rapid urbanisation truly deserves our praise and support.

Their products are eco-friendly and they only use FSC-certified timber or waste wood.

Bumble Bee Nester Video

Watch a video of the bumble bee nester in full use (different design without tree attachment).