Vektra Electric Vacuum Kettle

Vektra Electric Vacuum Kettle

Vektra Vacuum Electric Kettle

The kettle that keeps your water hot for up to four hours!

The Vektra Vacuum Electric Kettle is the perfect solution for serial tea and coffee drinkers who want to save energy and money.

Did you know that according to the United Kingdom Tea Council Brits drink a staggering 165 million cups of tea every day?

That’s 60.2 billion cups of tea a year! This makes us the second largest per capita tea drinking nation in the world (right behind Ireland). And then there are coffee-drinkers too (70 million cups a day).

This huge love for hot drinks costs us a lot of money every year and sadly also leaves a mark on the environment – everybody knows that boiling a kettle requires a fair bit of energy. How many times are kettles boiled to cook those 165 million cups?

Yet there is a solution. You don’t have to boil the kettle every time you want to enjoy a cuppa because Vektra has come up with this genius invention that is half kettle, half vacuum flask.

You can boil it and it keeps the water warm for hours so that you can make several cups of tea or coffee with just one go.


Vektra Vacuum Electric Kettle Features

The features that make the Vektra kettle a step above your average kitchen kettle.

What is it?

First and foremost – it’s still an electric kettle, which boils quickly and quietly.

But once it has boiled it will keep your water hot for hours as it’s also a stainless steel dual wall vacuum flask.

And thirdly, it’s also a serving flask that doesn’t get hot and that has a non-drip spout for pouring.

According to the guys who make this clever kettle the water will stay warm enough for tea – that is around 80°C – for around two hours after first boiling the water. Even longer for coffee, which doesn’t require water to be as hot.

While the dual wall and vacuum insulation keeps the water hot, it also keeps the kettle itself from getting hot. That makes it safe to use even if you have kids around. The lid has an anti-spill lever too so there will never be any accidents.


Vektra Vacuum Electric Kettles

Available in four colors: Silver, White< Green & Purple.