wonderbag slow cooker

wonderbag slow cooker

Wonderbag Slow Cooker

You can’t get much more eco than a slow cooker that doesn’t use any power!

The Wonderbag slow cooker takes heat-retention to a whole new level – just heat your food in a pot then put it in the bag.

People often tend to over complicate things. One of those things is food – the way it’s cooked and the whole process of preparing it. If all we want is a wholesome, natural and tasty meal there’s actually no need to kick up a huge fuss over it.

What for us is just a lifestyle choice is often a necessity for someone less fortunate. The best things tend to come along if one party inspires another and in the process something great is born. Such as the Wonderbag slow cooker, which truly is a simple yet genius invention bridging the gap between modern western society and a developing country.

What is a Wonderbag?

Slow-cooking is quite a trend these days but it’s no secret that it consumes energy. Wonderbag, however, needs no electricity, no fuel, in fact no extra energy at all. It’s basically just a bag with a unique design that helps keep the heat within the wrapped up bag.

All you need to do is to get your stew, soup, curry, sauce or whatever it is that you’re cooking ready with traditional methods.

wonderbag slow cooker

Wonderbag Slow Cooker Comes in Several Colours

Choose from Red/Grey, Denim/Navy, Grey/Blue, Grey/Pink and colourful patterns

Bring it to a boil on the stovetop, then turn the heat off, pop the pot into the bag and close it tightly. Because of heat-retention the food keeps cooking inside the bag while you can do other stuff. Because you don’t need to plug it anywhere, you don’t have to worry about burning your food or getting a huge electricity bill. You can even take the bag with you to a picnic, barbeque or even a dinner party at a friend’s house.

When you’re ready, open the bag – the food is perfectly cooked, nutritious, full of flavours and vitamins. It will keep warm for up to 12 hours so you never have to worry about tucking in and finding it cold. Unless that is exactly what you want – if it keeps food hot, it also keeps it cold. So pop in your ice-cream, sorbet or ice-cube tray – hours later it will still be solid and cold.

Why is it good?

First and foremost – because for every Wonderbag you buy, a free one is given to a family in a developing country. While for us this bag is more a lifestyle choice, it really helps people to save money and energy in poor countries. Apparently families in Africa can save around thirty per cent of their annual household income with this, not to speak of the good that it does for the environment there.

But these same benefits apply here too. By using Wonderbag to cook your food, you too will help to cut down on CO2 emissions. It will reduce the time that you spend cooking, giving you more time to spend with your family and friends. It saves water, it saves food – need we say more? And they say that if you use it just two times a week for a year, you will have already saved the cost of the bag in electricity!

Wonderbag has entered into a partnership with different companies who are also looking to reduce CO2 emissions in the world. They are also extending their hand to promote sustainable development in other ways – by creating employment in those countries that widely use their bags for cooking, by helping to reduce deforestation and by saving precious clean water. Apparently there have helped to create over 2000 jobs, while the bag is used in over half a million homes.

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