Oxfam Online Shop

Oxfam Online Shop

The Oxfam Online Shop

Your local charity shop is now a fantastic online store with a lot more stuff squeezed into it!

The Oxfam Online Shop brings all the benefits of high street charity shopping (and much more) direct to your home…

What can you buy in the Oxfam Online Shop?

If you’re into vintage items and love frequenting second-hand shops, there is no better place than the Oxfam shop for you.

The Oxfam online shop has over 100,000 donated and vintage items on sale with more than 165 of their high street shops listing online.

This is a great place for truly original and unique gifts and presents.

There’s clothing for men, women and children, there’s accessories and you can find some absolutely gorgeous vintage items amongst them.

A great feature of the vintage section is the option to search for clothes by decade – so if you’re after a dress from the 1940’s a skirt form the 1960’s or a power suit from the 1980’s you’re covered!

What else can I buy apart from new and used clothing?

Needless to say, you can shop for books, some of which are truly antiquarian. With over 60,000 books available to buy online you can find all kinds of interesting volumes here, including some rare gems and collectibles.

Of course, there’s also music, films and video games as well as toys and games for children.

You can shop for household items and they even have a bridal department.

But if you’re focusing on unique gifts and presents, you can find some of the most exciting items in the Oxfam online shop from their departments selling stamps, coins, art, used camera equipment and all kinds of memorabilia.

These aren’t things you can pick up from a department store!

There are some truly original, absolutely unique gems here just waiting to be rediscovered.

Speaking of unusual gifts don’t forget Oxfam also has a brilliant charity gift site called Oxfam Unwrapped.

Why buy from the Oxfam online shop?

First and foremost – when shopping at Oxfam you’re doing a lot of good by helping those in need along the way.

A lot of poor people are relying on Oxfam while Oxfam in turn is relying on us.

All goods the Oxfam online shop sells have been donated to them either directly to local stores or left at their donation banks.

Oxfam will either sell them through their shops or send them on to be recycled, so nothing goes to waste.

All profits Oxfam makes on the goods it sells, are used in the fight against poverty.

You can also donate money to Oxfam.

From every pound that Oxfam receivs, 84 pence goes to emergency, development and campaigning works, 9p covers support costs and the rest of the 7p is invested for future revenue.

Shop online at Oxfam