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Christian Aid UK Website

The Christian Aid website is easy to use and simply explains all the ways you can get involved.

There’s so many ways you can give to Christian Aid from setting up a monthly Direct Debit to buying ethical sausages…

How can you get involved?

You can set up a direct debit donation to help them with money every month or make an one-off donation.

There are other options too that let you donate to Christian Aid – from making a major donation to leaving a mark with your own legacy to helping them out with their projects in different parts of the world.

They also support Present Aid, which is a charity gift website and also AquAid water coolers. Every water cooler sold will help Christian Aid to work with their water related projects in Nicaragua.

You can help Christian Aid also by getting home insurance from Ecclesiastical, switching to Ecotricity electricity supplier or changing your bank to Triodos.

All the ways you can help are listed on the Christian Aid website and there are literally dozens of ways to get involved from purchasing ethical sausages to getting your whole business involved in supporting them.

Why should you get involved?

Christian Aid is helping to fight poverty and injustice everywhere – so there really is no better reason to get involved.

They are vehemently campaigning for gender equality, protecting vulnerable women, trying to eradicate gender based violence and working to provide women with better education and better job opportunities.

They also tackle both HIV and malaria as part of their global movement.

Their work with disaster relief has been tireless in the past few years – they are trying to help with rebuilding in Philippines and India, a lot of their attention is focused on Syria and its refugees.

Their work in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010 has changed many lives as well as their ongoing projects in East and West Africa as well as the Gaza strip.

Donate to Christian Aid