Adopt a gorilla

Adopt a gorilla

Adopt A Gorilla at WWF

Adopt for as little as £3 a month. Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar at Flickr.

Can you believe there’s only around 880 mountain gorillas left in the wild? Adopt a gorilla with WWF & help to protect their future.

How your WWF Gorilla Adoption Works

If you decide to adopt a gorilla, you can rest assured that all of your donations are used to help the conservation process and take care of those magnificent animals.

Your donations will help The World Wildlife Foundation to help to protect the gorilla habitat and to educate local people in order to minimise the conflicts between gorillas and humans as well as reduce the risk of gorillas catching human diseases.

WWF will also train rangers to fight illegal poaching and pet trade and help to detect and remove animal snares.

The foundation will also work with local governments in order to improve the work in the National Parks where gorillas live.


WWF Makes it easy to adopt a gorilla

You can choose how much you want to donate each month and select your gorilla gifts too.

What does your Gorilla Adoption change?

You won’t be adopting an individual gorilla as your donation will be used for the greater good of those animals, but there is a baby mountain gorilla called Ihoho whose story you can follow as it will be shared with you on regular basis.

The size of the donation varies from £3-£10 a month or you can choose to donate as much as you want via direct debit.

This helps provide the anti-poaching rangers with a huge range of equipment from mosquito nets to clothing and supplies and even their monthly salaries.

Gorillas really need our help.

We wouldn’t want them to be confined just to zoos and natural parks.

It would be a comforting thought that we’ve actually helped them to survive in the wilderness where they belong. That is the least we can do for our huge hairy relatives.