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From as little as £4 a week you can provide a child with so much practical help.

It’s amazing just how far such a small amount can go to help provide the most basic care and opportunities to children who need it…

It’s one of life’s greatest gifts that we’re able to help other people when they need it the most.

To help a child achieve a sustainable and hopeful future has to be right at the top of those gifts.


Mark Watson wonders what he can buy with 50p

That’s all it costs per day to sponsor a child

acitionaid sponsor a child is a great vehicle to help you achieve that. They provide such essential elements of a healthy life as clean water, a good education and life-saving medicines to children across the world.

But they can only do that with our help.

Celebrities ponder the 50p question

Sponsor a child with ActionAid to make your 50p go further