Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide Dogs – Sponsor A Puppy

Give the gift of puppy love for as little as £1 a week that can make a massive difference.

Guide Dogs Sponsor A Puppy is a fantastic ethical gift for a dog lover and will make a real difference to a blind person…

Why sponsor a puppy?

Blind and partially sighted people are not confined within the four walls of their house anymore. That is largely thanks to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, a charity that is tirelessly working in order to bring independence and mobility to blind people across the UK.

Every year there are close to 1500 new guide dogs who spend their puppyhood with volunteers in their homes. There are specialist courses for them where they are taught all there is to know about the work that’s waiting for them as guides for the visually impaired. As you can imagine it requires a whole set of special skills and won’t be taught or learned in just a few days or weeks. In fact, this hard work takes months and unlike us guide dogs won’t be spending 40 odd years working after they have finished their education and obtained a “degree”. No – they retire after five or six years and that means their owners have to have a new companion ready to help them.

You can make a huge difference to someone who needs a guide dog in order to get by. Your donations keep the good work going at the dog training schools across the UK. There are over a 1000 professional staff involved, not to speak of the more than 10,000 volunteers. You too could join their ranks if you decided to donate and/or sponsor a puppy.
What can a donation do?

Guide Dog training costs

Breeding, growing and training a puppy isn’t a walk in the park – even though one might think that there is no greater job than one involving those furry bundles of joy. Consider this – breeding a guide dog puppy costs the charity £3,100. And that’s just the beginning. £5,100 goes for puppy walking, £13,900 for early training, nearly as much for advanced training and another £3,300 for partnership training!

And that is just the part that concerns the guide dogs themselves. Guide Dogs for the Blind Association does some other excellent work, which includes campaigning, improving the quality of life and rehabilitation services for the blind or visually impaired, educating the public, funding the research into eye diseases, working with local authorities to provide mobility services, undertaking research etc.

Sponsor A Puppy costs

Sponsorship costs from just £1 per week by monthly direct debit or you can sponsor by single card donation. You can even make a donation as a gift on behalf of someone special. As a sponsor you’ll get regular “Pupdates” that record the journey your sponsored puppy is making. You’ll also get plenty of photos of the puppy and even a personalised certificate and a puppy calendar at the end of each year. But most of all you get a sense and knowing that you’ve done something great: you’ve helped someone.

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