Hot chocolate spoons

Hot chocolate spoons

Hot Chocolate Spoons

If you’ve never had a hot chocolate spoon experience a whole world of chocolate drinking pleasure awaits!

Made with “the finest single origin beans from the Dominican Republic” meet Cocoa Loco’s hot chocolate spoons…

These hot chocolate spoons by Cocoa Loco are the creme de la creme of drinking chocolate on a stick. Not only do they taste delicious, they’re completely Fairtrade to boot.

Available in four different flavours:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate and mint
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate

All hot chocolate spoons are 30g each in weight.

How do they work? Just dip your chocolate spoon into a mug of hot milk and stir until the chocolate melts in a swirling pool of loveliness!

Cocoa Loco Team - Hot Chocolate Spoons

Cocoa Loco & Fairtrade

Making Organic and Fairtrade Chocolate since 2005.

Feast your eyes on these white chunks of handmade hot chocolate spoons, hot chocolate spoons don’t end with the milk and dark chocolate varieties. …


White hot chocolate spoons

These white chocolate spoons are even creamier than the milk chocolate ones.

If that’s not tempted you yet then congrats for having better chocolate resistance training than us!

And for everyone else you can buy some below!